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Do you need design work, corporate identity, logo development or websites created by a developing social enterprise?      STIRgrafik is the answer!!

STIRgrafik is a developing social enterprise which provides a quality design and multi-media service at affordable rates and in flexible packages tailored to the individual client. At the same time they also apply the best environmental principles and practice in all that they do offering access to a wide range of beautiful recycled paper, including hand-made paper made by STIRpaper.

STIRgrafik can offer design solutions from websites, logos and business cards to photography and advertising support, and can call on the services of a dedicated team with a wide range of skills in the graphic and web design fields.

STIRgrafik is part of STIRnetwork, a non-profit social enterprise which is working towards integrating community, business and the environment. A growing network of small scale micro-businesses is developing both in Edinburgh and the Borders. It started in Edinburgh in February 2003 and now has bases in Edinburgh and Duns, Berwickshire, serving both the local and wider communities.

All of our projects are based on the same template model, aimed at rethinking business. They are composed of mixed teams of volunteers and paid staff, drawn from a wide range of society and comprising retired, unemployed, disabled people and community groups.

Mixed teams of volunteers and paid staff, comprised of retired, unemployed, disabled and community groups, help develop tolerance and understanding across a socio-economic, racial and ability spectrum.

Opportunities for valuable work experience, the development of new skills and confidence building are tied into awareness  raising of environmental issues and social responsibility.

It also creates opportunities for businesses to be involved and assists them in addressing their corporate environmental, social and community responsibilities.

For further information, contact:
Dave Bomford
7, Corunna Place,
Tel: 0131 561 4211

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210