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Youth Football Scotland

Youth Football Scotland is a not-for-profit social enterprise with the primary target of providing a one stop shop for anyone connected to the game of youth football Scotland-wide. No matter what capacity you hold, from head of a big youth club to a parent on the sidelines - we seek to fill any gaps and promote good practice in already active marketplaces. We are grateful for the support given to us by Scotland UnLtd and Young Scot, who have helped make YFS possible.
Youth Football Scotland's targets are

* Create a new, exciting energy towards youth football in Scotland, raising the profile and breathing life into the game.

* Create a medium to allow players and coaches to find clubs, from all regions, and ultimately increase the number of people participating in the sport.

* Provide a one-stop online information and news resource for everyone involved in youth football across Scotland – players, coaches, secretaries, teams, clubs and referees.

* Create a Scotland wide community for exchange, sharing and discussion of youth football (text, audio, pictorial & video).

* Create a Scotland wide marketplace for youth football service & product suppliers and consumers.

* Use the platform to promote health, equality, inclusion and education - with a constant football theme.

* Provide a constant 'needs analysis', with a flexible approach towards adapting and creating new content and services.

* Provide equal opportunities to those involved with the elite, community, women’s and disability associations.

* Promote digital inclusion and IT literacy amongst young people through their passion for football.

For further info`, contact:

Robbie Forsyth
Caledonia House
1 Redheughs Rigg
EH12 9DQ
Tel: 0131 629 7903


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210