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Lambhill Stables

Lambhill Stables is a vibrant community hub and social enterprise based in North Glasgow. We offer a variety of community-based recreational activities and educational resources for people of all ages.

The social enterprise aims to provide employment and training in a range of landscaping services, and to re-invest its income in more jobs for the community.
The Lambhill Stables building opened in June 2011.  It's a centre point for the community, providing local residents of all ages with the opportunity to take part in a range of recreational activities, and to access a range of educational resources to develop their potential as active citizens in the community.

In addition to members of the public, Lambhill Stables is an ideal place for schools to visit, providing a stimulating educational environment which is an interactive, enjoyable way for children to learn about both the natural and cultural heritage of the area and gain a better understanding of environmental issues.

Their services/projects include:

Community Service

We've been working closely with the criminal justice team at Glasgow City Council.  We firmly believe that community payback can help break the cycle of reoffending by putting offenders to work to repay their dues to the community, whilst delivering benefits to the local people.  Lambhill Stables was recently awarded the Best Skills Building Project at the Scottish Community Service Awards.

Community Garden

The community garden is located adjacent to the Stables building in a sight of stunning natural beauty.  The garden is bordered by the Forth and Clyde canal on one side and the Possil Marsh Nature Reserve and bird sanctuary on the other which makes it a unique setting off point for exploring the natural and cultural heritage of the area.
Many different groups have been involved in working with the community gardener to transform the land from a disused and overgrown field into a thriving and productive garden growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.  Some of the people and groups involved are:  volunteers from the local community; community service workers; school groups and mental health groups.

Schools and Education

Lambhill Stables provides a stimulating educational environment. Children come to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the area and leave having gained a better understanding of environmental issues. Our community gardener Anne runs interactive workshops where children get to plant, prepare soil,learn about crops and take home produce at the end of the day. We also run fun archaeological digs and treasure hunts.

Training Courses

Lambhill Stables provides a variety of indoor and outdoor workshops. We have specialist tutors in the following disciplines:
Conservation and green technologies
Stonemasonry and dry stone dyking
Hedge laying and willow work

Cookery Workshops

Bringing the garden as a produce to table. We will be running series of cookery courses promoting our local produce, awareness of organic gardening, and family eating, at the Stables

For further info, contact:
Lambhill Stables
11 Canal Bank North
 G22 6RD
Tel: +44 (0)141 945 4100


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210