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Solas Insulation Limited and Solas Assist Limited are the trading arms of Solas Scotland, a registered charity.
Solas Insulation has traditionally been about improving energy efficiency (normally but not solely in the domestic sector) and creating high quality employment and training opportunities.

Solas Assist is a more recent addition to the Solas group and was created in response to the increase need for vulnerable households to have access to a service providing in-depth advice, not only in energy advice but also in home safety and security. In conjunction with landlords and funders, it create packages to support vulnerable families.

It has been operating for over 21 years and has won many local, regional and national (UK) awards for excellence in training and customer services.

Its annual turnover is around £2m, and the company currently employs 43 people. Solas Insulation has insulated over eighty thousand homes in its time, They have  around 20 liveried vehicles on the road and are "weel ken't" in west central Scotland as a result of this, word of mouth, and articles in the local press.

Solas have built our business around long-term relationships with our major clients, namely West and East Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire Councils and many west central Scotland housing associations, successfully delivering energy advice/survey and home insulation services.

They prefer developing relationships with clients and working with them to develop services in line with their needs. This has helped them along with our partners to make a substantial long-term contribution towards improving the lives of many thousands of vulnerable households.

Equally important is their relationship with the many thousands of homeowners who have benefited from their services over the years. Their commitment to helping people - Solas is Gaelic for comfort or contentment - means that they are always aware of their aims of delivering services which are tailored to individual household needs. They believe that they offer a blend of professional, high-quality service and customer-focused attention.

For further info, contact:
Solas can be contacted free on 0800 616203

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210