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Talking Mats Ltd

The Talking Mats team have been working for several years to realise their vision of setting up a social enterprise to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties and those close to them through the use of Talking Mats.

Talking Mats is a low tech communication framework involving sets of symbols. It was originally developed by The AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) Research Unit to support people with communication impairment. Since its original conception, additional research has taken place and now it is an established communication tool, which uses a mat with pictures symbols attached as the basis for communication. It is designed to help people with communication difficulties to think about issues discussed with them, and provide them with a way to effectively express their opinions.

Talking Mats was originally developed in 1998 by Joan in a research project at the University of Stirling. The use of Talking Mats now spans the globe from countries as diverse as France, China, India, USA, Australia, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and Spain.

Since its first conception, research involving Talking Mats has now extended into work with young offenders, children with social and emotional difficulties, people considering alternative ways of eating and drinking, vulnerable children and adults, and people with learning disabilities, stroke, MND and dementia.

They place a great deal of emphasis on producing practical outcomes from their research projects and have developed training courses and resources for a wide range of people.

In September 2011, the Talking Mats team fulfilled their vision of becoming a social enterprise and have moved to new premises at the Stirling University Innovation Park where they are looking forward to pursuing new projects, new business opportunities, and accommodating the increase in demand for their products and training.
For further info`, contact:
Talking Mats Centre
2 Beta Centre
Stirling University innovation Park
Stirling FK9 4NF

Tel: 01786 479511

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210