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Transition Turriefield

Transition Turriefield (TT) was established as a Community Interest Company in January 2011. Turriefield is the name of the croft where they are based and the Transition part is about doing what they can on a local scale to tackle the global problems of climate change, rising food prices and diminishing supplies of cheap fuel.

A Community Interest Company is a business that is 'not for profit' and any money made, over and above running costs, must be used for the benefit of the community either by reinvesting in the business to help it grow, or for other community activities. They have a voluntary Board of Directors, made up of local people who live in Sandness or other areas of the west side of Shetland and, at the moment, all their workforce are also volunteers. TT has been lucky enough to be given a small award by Firstport, through the Scottish Government's Social Entrepreneurs Fund, to cover costs during their start up year.

TT have been experimenting with growing vegetables in Shetland's wild and windy climate since 2008. Not only are they trying out ways of creating growing conditions that make their plants happy, but they’re using a combination of permaculture techniques, hardy plant varieties, modern technology and good old traditional methods of farming. It means a lot of hard physical work with hand tools and using pigs and spades to clear ground. They use no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides, just muck and seaweed with plenty of attention to keep the bugs at bay. Minimal machinery and keeping things local reduces the environmental impact of what they do, it also helps to lower the carbon footprints of their customers.

Making fresh, healthy, local food available in Shetland is important and growing produce for you to buy is one way of doing that. We love hearing about other people's ways of growing in the isles and like to pass on what we've learnt about what works and what doesn't. They can also help with information, support, advice and even supplies of equipment and seeds.

The more food they can produce as a community, the less the community will have to rely on imported goods and, in doing so, can help make Shetland a more sustainable place to live.

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Transition Turriefield

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210