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Living Solutions

Living Solutions is a dynamic social enterprise and recognised charity. It was set up to improve both employment and environmental well being in Scotland. Any profits made are re-invested to further boost the organisation’s mission and values.

It seeks to improve long term unemployment by providing opportunities for those with limited qualifications. Living Solutions take on volunteers, employees through (Community Jobs Scotland), paid trainees through (Forest Skills Training in Partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland) and permanent staff to help achieve its environmental goals.

Living Solutions (Scotland) currently has 6 full-time permanent staff, 11 temporary staff (through Community Jobs Scotland and the Forestry Commission) and 6 volunteers. All of its temporary staff is formally long-term unemployed and Living Solutions provides them with employment lasting 9-26 Weeks which includes a range of skills training which is geared towards helping them secure permanent, long-term employment.

Trainees have the opportunity of working with different teams in order to gain real first hand work experience. The skills they acquire at Living Solutions can become very valuable for their future employability. Areas of work covered include Landscaping, Forestry, Timber Processing and Minor Civil Engineering.

Living Solutions is governed by a board of voluntary directors, including two executive directors Alice Berry (Operations Manager) and Paul Cruise (Development Manager). Alice and Paul manage the day to day running of the organisation, reporting back to the board every 2 months. The organisation was formally incorporate on 27th September 2005 and recognised as a charity on 20th October 2005.

The organisation’s startup costs were funded through a Coalfields Regeneration Trust grant. A short while after its incorporation, Living Solutions started trading through the provision of a garden maintenance service to a local housing association, and took on its first New Deal client in May 2006 whom was later employed by Living Solutions. The first volunteers started in June 2006.

For further info, contact:

Living solutions
Unit 31
Thistle Industrial estate


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210