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Social Bite is a "type 2" social business. It sells handmade and fresh sandwiches, baguettes, soups and salads through a growing chain of retail shops and by delivering to offices directly. Its current business clients include the likes of Microsoft – and the list is growing. It competes as any other lunch business does - on quality, price and convenience. But, as a social business, it has one other USP - 100% of its profits are donated to The Scottish Social Business Fund to tackle social problems. This means when you spend £3 on a sandwich or baguette, around £2 goes to tacking global and local poverty.

Below are details of the projects we are currently investing in.

Grameen Danone

Grameen and Group Danone went into a joint venture to create a yogurt fortified with micro-nutrients to tackle the problem of malnutrition amongst the children of Bangladesh. The yogurt is produced with solar and bio gas energy and is served in environmentally friendly packaging. The first plant started production in late 2006. The 10-year plan is to establish 50+ plants, create several hundred distribution jobs and self-degradable packaging. The Scottish Social Business Fund invests in this social business to assist the Yunus Centre in developing new plants, expanding the business to tackle the problem of malnutrition throughout the country.

Grameen Eye Care Hospital

The Scottish Social Business Fund invests in the Grameen Eye Care Hospital, helping to subsidize eye care operations for the poorest people in the country.

Grameen Scotland Foundation

The Foundation is the legal entity under which the a micro credit bank will be introduced and operated in Scotland and eventually elsewhere in the UK. The first pilot branch will be located in Glasgow, serving communities across West Central Scotland, especially in four of the five poorest areas – Glasgow City, West Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire and Inverclyde..

Micro-Finance Program in Malawi

With its micro finance partner in Africa, it invests in a micro credit bank in Malawi.  Currently it has an established network of 21 branches in Malawi supported by over 160 local staff.

For further info, contact:

Social Bites
115 George Street
Tel: 0131- 202 - 6866

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210