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Locavore, which means "eater of local food", is an organisation that exists to take forward projects which contribute to creating sustainable local food economies. They believe we need to re-think our relationship with food, from the way it is produced to the way it is cooked, eaten, and disposed of. By changing our relationship with food we can reduce the negative impact it has on the environment while improving our health, our economy, our communities and our happiness!

 Locavore has a project base, community kitchen and local food shop at 42 Skirving Street in the Shawlands area of Glasgow.
They are currently focusing their efforts on the south-side of Glasgow from their Skirving Street Hub in Shawlands. As well as leading projects from the Shawlands Hub, they're keen to work with other groups and organisations on projects which take forward their objectives. They believe by working together with communities and other organisations they can test and consolidate the projects and actions needed to create food systems which are fit for the future.
They believe their shop at 42 Skirving Street in Glasgow is the first of its kind anywhere! This is because it is a not-for-profit enterprise selling locally produced food which will invest all profits back into projects which contribute to creating sustainable local food economies.
Their ethos is to supply (and sometimes produce!) the best local food available and in so give producers new markets and you better access to the type of things we ought to be eating more of. 
Their suppliers include Johnny’s Garden honey (produced in Glasgow), Waulkmill Cider (Scotland only producer of apple juice), Hebridean Sea Salt (Scotland’s only sea salt producer), Edenmill (sausages and meat from Blanefield) and Scottish organic vegetable growers, possibly including you if you'd like to barter!
42 Skirving Street
Glasgow, G41 3AJ
Tel: 07952 767994

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210