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Tayside Foundation for the Conservation of Resources (TFCR)
The Tayside Foundation for the Conservation of Resources (TFCR) in Dundee, is a 'more than profit' organisation set up in April 1995 as a company limited by guarantee. Since the beginning they have survived by generating all their own income and reused or recycled materials to a value approaching £0.5 million. The company remains open virtually all year round, providing a much valued service of advice and support to local individuals, schools and other community organisations
TFCR aims to:
   1. increase environmental awareness through education and training and to promote sustainable practices through the community (in keeping with UN's Local Agenda 21).
   2. devise and implement creative solutions for dealing with used resources; and to promote the use of renewable energy and energy conservation.
   3. promote sustainable economic development employment and training locally.
   4. work with individuals and other organisations to achieve these aims.
The emergence of the TFCR has been driven by the social objectives of tackling disadvantage (poverty alleviation, skills training, including those with special needs) and the environmental objectives of avoiding unnecessary waste through reuse, recycling and educational activities.
It remains open virtually all year round, and has provided advice and support to local individuals, schools and other community organisations such as the Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS). It has acted as a focal point for community involvement in reuse and recycling activities, and has created work opportunities for both paid and volunteer staff. It hosts the Sustainability Enquiry Point (SEP) which is basically a one-stop-shop providing answers to questions about actions of sustainability that are carried out in the Tayside area. It has also created economic benefits, for example, reducing materials going to landfill.
Doug McLaren says, "TFCR is, and always has been, a self-sustaining social enterprise working hard to reduce environmental impact. We want to improve access to our services with our new website and to maximise the potential in our communities by linking into LETS systems and the Community Exchange Network being developed by Stuart Noble."
Membership of TFCR Ltd. is open to persons and organisations that support our aims.
For further information, contact:
Unit 7 South Dudhope Mill
Douglas St, Dundee, DD1 5AN
By phone: (01382) 228 986

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210