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Oban Pheonix

Oban Pheonix is a West Coast arts venue to be enjoyed and cherished by all who step through its doors. They aim to serve the cultural needs of the people of Oban and its surrounding areas, to provide them with top quality entertainment and experiences that not only meet people’s individual notions of what the Oban Phoenix can and should offer them, but that then surpasses, surprises and dazzles them at every turn. It has benefitted from the immense support and encouragement received from the local community.
The Oban Phoenix story starts in 2010, when the then Highland Theatre put the lights down on its last show and closed the doors to the public leaving the people of Oban and its surrounding areas with a 200 mile round trip if they wanted to go the pictures. A small group of enthusiastic locals came together to form a steering group to save the cinema and take on the challenge of running a community owned business.

Word soon spread and the group found themselves growing in numbers, with the community behind them voicing their support through generous donations of time and money in a bid to bring the cinema back to the community. In September 2011 all their hard work paid off and the group purchased the building. Work then began to create an arts venue to be proud of; one which meets the high standards of the modern arts entertainment experience found in larger cities and bigger venues but that also holds dear the atmosphere and values of an entertainment time gone by, all too often lost in big multiplexes.

The Oban Phoenix takes its name from the cinema building The Phoenix Cinema which was build in the 1950s to replace the original venue which stood on the very spot our venue now stands and had been destroyed by fire. The new name reflects the efforts that have been made by so many to save the cinema and to illustrate that just like in the 1950s and just like the phoenix bird of mythology, they intend to rise from the ashes all the more beautiful and stronger from the experience.

The Oban Phoenix will service the people as a unique community resource. It will provide a regular programme of dynamic, memorable, enjoyable and challenging arts entertainment events that we hope will resonate with our loyal and supportive community and visitors alike. It has been created by the community and is there for the community so get involved.

For further info, contact:
Oban Pheonix
140 George Street
Argyll & Bute
PA34 5NX


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210