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It was back in 1986 that Brian Tannerhill first initiated the idea of forming a Community Business that would provide employment and services to his local community as a response to the devastating effects of mining and factory closures. This business was to be called the Mayfield Community Self Employed Natural Collective Exercise or, more simply, McSence.

Incorporated as a charity, the group now comprises five companies and over 70 staff providing a wide range of services including managed workspace, property development, property maintenance, commercial cleaning, training, consultancy and economic development support. All profits made by the group are either invested in new business ventures or returned to the community in the form of grants to voluntary bodies or individuals in need.

McSence continues to be a business run by the community, for the community. The Board of Directors form a cross section of the entire community and work on a voluntary basis without remuneration. It remains unusual in Scotland and as far as we know in the EU in the way it bridges the gap between the community’s aspirations and the resources it needs to achieve those aspirations. 

McSence has a fundamental belief in the empowerment of under privileged communities to help themselves to regenerate by encouraging partnerships between all aspects of those communities through self-help and increased public awareness. It is sustained by the philosophy that community business is two words, the business must come first because without a thriving sustainable company the community cannot benefit. 

For further information, contact:

David Maxwell
The McSence Group of Companies
McSence Business Enterprise Park
32, Sycamore Road
Dalkeith EH22 5TA

Tel: 0131-454-1500
Fax: 0131-454-1523


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210