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The Reclaimer

The Reclaimer was established in the 1990's as an initiative to encourage more recycling mainly in the communities in and around Glasgow’s West End. With an approach based on the principles of Zero Waste and using a system employing source separation, it now collects daily from homes and businesses across the city.

By collecting clean, segregated materials we encourage respect for resources and ensure they have the best possible chance of being effectively recycled. We have fees for different levels of service, special rates for OAPs, charities and small businesses and offer standardised and tailor-made solutions. We have a broad base of customers including householders, clubs - running “zero-waste” systems, galleries, cafés, retailers and even a renewable energy service provider.

Our efforts have always concentrated on the household domain and despite co-mingled collections being rolled out city-wide, our belief in the source-separated approach is endorsed by most of our original membership and a growing number of others seeking more from recycling. Customers phone for advice on how best to deal with hard-to-recycle materials and our enthusiastic workforce is happy to help.  By offering the same services to business, we now have a growing number of small and medium size enterprises helping with our success.

Networking with other community organisations and companies and building on their expertise, enables us to collect an ever-increasing range of materials and feed them into the appropriate recycling or re-use channels, thus increasing our appeal as a one-stop shop for recycling solutions. Examples here would be re-usable IT equipment, office furniture, printer cartridges etc. We aim to develop services further to include food waste, composting and even vermiculture etc. - moving us ever-closer to zero-waste possibilities whilst creating closed loop systems.

On top of this, over the years we have also diverted textiles, shoes and re-usable clothing from landfill, feeding these and other re-usable household items into project appeals and local charity shops. Work to establish sales contracts for materials collected means we can now financially underpin the service with a view to funding other activities.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a major waste diversion and re-use centre, operated and managed by the community sector in Glasgow, Funding has not been forthcoming but projects such as Urban Ore and Eco-Cycle in the US continue to inspire. We will continue to help establish initiatives where we can. Anybody with an interest in the area and spare time to help is encouraged to volunteer and lend a hand....   

For further info, contact:

The Reclaimer
5 Stables Yard
1103 Argyle STreet
Glasgow G3 8ND
Tel: 0141 945 0700


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210