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PrintAbility Scotland Limited


PrintAbility Scotland Limited is an exciting and dynamic Social Enterprise for people with or recovering from mental health problems.

The business commenced trading on 1 May 2001, offering the latest digital printing technology as well as more labour intensive print finishing and collation. PrintAbility Scotland Limited offers work and skills training to people who are disadvantaged from competitive employment.

PrintAbility Scotland Limited aims to provide a long-term place of work for some individuals, while allowing for a 'move on' culture after training for others. It is a fully-fledged supported employment project, yet it is also a commercial enterprise. PrintAbility Scotland Limited believes that working in an active and real workplace increases user's confidence and self-esteem.

PrintAbility Scotland Limited is a service user driven initiative, the directors all being service users. The directors can call upon a complete range of advisors and experts to assist them in their business and service development

The service users' ownership and participation in PrintAbility Scotland Limited underpin the whole project. It is driven by the philosophy that its service users wish to take control over their own destiny and future and any services that are provided to them.

PrintAbility Scotland Limited's aim is to be first true Social Firm in the North East of Scotland, whereby subsidies will be reduced, and at least 50% of the workforce with mental health problems will become fully waged. Although PrintAbility Scotland Limited requires to be subsidised, it will, like any other business organisation, aim to make a profit. While the pursuit of profit should be seen as essential to keep the enterprise vibrant and give it direction, it is not be pursued at the expense of any individual's health, safeguards being provided by the project staff and support agencies. The service user members are encouraged to feel they are empowered to make their own decisions affecting their lives.

PrintAbility Scotland is a key element in the range of new and innovative social enterprise and mental health employment services commissioned by Aberdeen City Council Social Work Department.





For further information, contact:
Steve Birnie - Print Supervisor
Lee Conn - Director & Chair
Dennis A G Moore - Project Leader
Iain Thomson - Director & Treasurer
12 John Street
AB25 1BT
Tel: 01224 618 450
Fax: 01224 618 451


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210