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The New Leaf Co-op

The New Leaf Co-op is collectively owned and managed by the people who work there, and have chosen to put their principles right at the heart of their business. Their aim is to offer affordable, healthy vegetarian wholefoods, with a focus on organic, locally sourced and fairtrade products, with as little packaging as possible. They carry more than 150 different lines of food and household products for customers to scoop and refill themselves.

They are brimming to the rafters with healthy store cupboard essentials and the occasional indulgence.
• Fresh, organic fruit, veg and eggs, mainly from Scotland and never air freighted.
• Fresh bread from the community bakeries at Garvald, and Breadshare.
• Household and bodycare: a wide range of cleaning products for body and home. Many lines are refillable. Brands include Eco-leaf, Bio-D and Ecover.
• An array of pulses, beans and dried fruit and nuts
• More than 80 high quality, loose herbs and spices (for both culinary and botanical uses) in their spice alcove.
• A range of gluten free, dairy free and sugarfree products are growing all the time.
• Grind your own nut butters, using their dedicated grinder. Just bring your own jar!   Monday’s: ‘Almonday’, Tuesday’s Cashewsday, and Wednesday to Saturday are peanut butter days.

Lower Packaging:

They offer customers the chance to go unpackaged and bring their own tub, box or bag. They have a whole room dedicated to our unpackaged, Scoop your Own and Refill ranges. Prices are on a sliding scale, getting cheaper the more you buy, and there’s a 10p discount if you bring your own packaging, for items weighing more than 500g. They have tried to cut down their environmental impact with the packaging that they do use, with compostable, paper and degradable bags on offer.


As a Worker’s co-operative, they all take equal responsibility in running the business. they aim to pay a living wage, and further profits are channelled back into the business and toward seeding new projects with similar aims.

For futher info, contact:

The New Leaf Co-op:  
23 Argyle Place

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210