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Relationships Scotland Family Mediation (Tayside and Fife)

Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife (RSFM) was established in 1986 as Family Mediation Tayside and is a member of Relationships Scotland, and conforms to their Standards and Code of Practice.

Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife's aims and objectives are:

• To promote for the public benefit, predominantly but not exclusively, the provision of services directed towards mediation, conciliation, reconciliation and counselling with the object of assisting any persons concerned in matrimonial and family disputes of any kind whatever, whether or not involved in any Court proceedings.
• To assist divorcing and separating parents to reach agreement about future arrangements, especially for their children.
• To offer support and counselling to children and young people who are experiencing changes in their lives due to parental separation, divorce or moving into a step family.
• To help children maintain a meaningful relationship with both their parents and their extended families.
• To offer support and counselling to couples and individuals with regards to relationship difficulties and issues around separation.
• To assist extended and step-families with negotiating arrangements around children, overcoming relationship breakdown and re-establishing communication.
• To provide a holistic service to individuals and families experiencing relationship difficulties, separation or divorce.
• To work and campaign for the understanding and improvement of the rights and interests of families.

What does RSFM provide?

Information Sessions

These are provided individually and their content reflects the individual’s needs. They cover information on the options available for you, taking into account your circumstances and the area of your life you would like support with.

Response to Public Enquiries

Through this the service provides information about the effects of parental separation on children, step family issues and wider family disputes. The service frequently signposts enquiries to other appropriate services.


This provides an opportunity for parents or other family members to discuss, with the help of a trained third party, the issues of concern to them. The service is particularly relevant for separated parents, for young people, problems within step families and grandparent relationships.

Supported and Supervised Contact

The service provides child-friendly premises and staff to enable children and parents or any family members, who live apart to meet in a safe, neutral and informal atmosphere whether in a supported or supervised context. They can also facilitate the handover of children from one parent to the other, if required.

Children and Young Persons' Counselling

Children and young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties with parental separation, divorce or living in a stepfamily situation have access to counselling on a one-to-one basis from a Children and Young Persons' Counsellor.

Relationship Counselling

The service provides a setting where individuals or couples, who have experienced difficulties in a close relationship, may talk through things in confidence with a qualified counsellor. Their aim is to help people look at and deal with the changes in their lives.

For further info, contact:

RSFM Tayside and Fife (RSFM)
21 Dock Street


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210