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Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd is a trading arm of the Ullapool Community Trust (UCT).  In 2011, UCT commissioned a woodfuel assessment of the area which showed that there is a sufficient supply of timber resource to heat the whole of Ullapool. Further market research showed that suppliers could not meet the current demand for firewood and that further domestic woodfuel installations were planned for the area, so demand would increase further.
A successful application was submitted to Village SOS in early 2012 for £30 000 of seedcorn funding. This financed the purchase of a firewood processor, business insurance, and a part-time business manager to take the project forward. Sian Curley was appointed as business manager in June 2012. By this time, Ullapool's part-time firewood supplier had decided to stop trading due to other work commitments, and the next closest supplier, 30 miles away in Strathgarve, had retired. It seemed that Ullapool residents would not be able to buy firewood for the 2012-13 winter.
By the time Lochbroom Woodfuels started trading in October 2012, two other firewood suppliers had started advertising, thankfully creating a more competitive and reliable supply for domestic firewood in Ullapool. 
Lochbroom Woodfuels has since secured a further £16,700 of funding from HIE to cover additional start-up costs and has also moved into new premises in the Ullapool Harbour Business Park at Morefield in October 2013. Their goal is that the business will be self-sustaining within two to three years of trading.
Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd has three main aims:

To provide local employment, training and volunteering opportunities in firewood production.

  • To establish a fairly-priced, continuous supply of sustainable firewood from local forests. This will mitigate climate change and address fuel poverty in our remote area.
  • To generate surplus profits which will be gifted to the Ullapool Community Trust for reinvestment in other community projects. 
Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd  is a company limited by shares and is wholly owned by the Ullapool Community Trust . Its board of directors is drawn from the members of the local community:
For further info’, contact:
Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd
Harbour Business Park
IV26 2SR


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210