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Kalopsia is a creative agency that brings Textiles to a place beyond curtains and yarn. It works in a different way by challenging the conventions of the industry and by developing the new Avant-garde of textiles in Scotland and beyond. As a textile team it has over 50 years of experience in the industry and they are constantly challenging the pre-conceived ideas of what Textiles is and what Textiles companies should look like. Their unique approach to textiles allows them to create a discussion that leads to engagements and connections amongst creators, communities and businesses.
Kalopsia is a social enterprise and a big part of what it does includes research, exhibitions, production and events. This brings members of the community together to solve problems, build relationships and get involved in ways that rebuild social capital. Kalopsia also works closely with businesses and the team, which includes some of the very best contemporary textiles creators that do provide organisations with specialist knowledge and services. By placing Textiles at the heart of communities through events, educational workshops, exhibitions and lectures, Kalopsia aims to encourage conversation and collaboration amongst creators, communities and businesses in order to continue to drive the subject forward.
Kalopsia works with businesses, creators and the community. It creates opportunities for  artists and designers as well as businesses. They have previously worked with organisations such as Macmilllan Cancer Support, Refugee Week, Book Week Scotland, Barefoot in Business, Platform Arts Belfast, MoreisMore, ECA and Zero Waste Scotland and many more. Since January 2014, Kalopsia has been embarking on projects that involve the recycling and repurposing of old retail spaces into galleries, thereby creating new possibilities for otherwise unused and wasteful spaces and placing art at the centre of the community.
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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210