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Soul Food Sisters

Soul Food Sisters (SFS) is an all-female social enterprise, and are on the look out for potential new members.  SFS is a group of migrant women based in Govanhill, one of the Glasgow’s most diverse communities. And together, they’re creating a vibrant, female-led collective based around our favourite thing: food.
By swapping recipes, ideas and skills, they hope to make women’s lives brighter. Their social enterprise brings together women from all over the world, ending social isolation and empowering them to develop their talents- in the kitchen and beyond.Soul Food Sisters believe that making a difference to people’s lives is more important than making money. Soul Food Sisters’ role is to empower migrant women in the local community to start their own businesses, encourage their abilities and increase confidence.
They also believe that Govanhill - where 53 languages are spoken - is misrepresented. The media picture is of a place of poverty, deprivation and misery. While the area faces unique challenges, it remains the most culturally diverse and fascinating community in the West of Scotland. SFS believes in harnessing that spirit and diversity, and providing food that people of all cultures can enjoy together.
At the moment, Soul Food Sisters is made up of eight women from 5 different continents. From Malaysia and Cuba to Poland and Thailand, they are a culturally mixed group, with many skills to share. And their talents extend further than just the kitchen. Together, their cooks can do anything, whether it’s teaching German, making wine, designing buildings or driving trains!

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210