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Treemendus Glasgow
Treemendus Glasgow is a social enterprise set up by Sophia Steele and Shauna Gray. Two women who were unfulfilled in their mundane jobs who decided to put their time to better use. "This all started as a hobby, Shauna would come round to mines at the weekend and we would work away in my kitchen and listen to music" .They have worked hard to build on the business and they saw the potential for growth. "Things were taking off with the business, and we were loving life. We wanted to share that feeling with others, so we felt the natural progression for us was to set up a social enterprise”.
Treemendus sell reimagined retro and vintage pieces from a bygone era – everything has been hand painted and is bespoke. See their shop
They also deliver workshops - giving a taste for the upcycling process and the skills to revamp your own pieces. These include the skills to upcycle furniture and the skills to run a shop. If people wish they can stay on with Treemendus and continue their learning or they can take that experience to a new job. Either way Treemendus is creating an enjoyable working environment and, hopefully, making participants more employable.
 With the help and mentoring of 'Beyond the Finish Line', a lottery funded campaign run by Icecream Architecture and Firstport. Treemendus opened their first flagship store. Working together with 'Working Links' they created jobs for young people who had been unemployed for over 6 months.
For further info, contact:
Treemendus Glasgow
7 Trongate
Glasgow, G15EZ

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210