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Project OsKar
Project OsKar operates their showroom from 55 Clark Street, Paisley, PA3 1QS. They refurbish and clean all the items that are donated before displaying them for sale. To make a success of the enterprise, they need the Renfrewshire public to come into their show room and buy! The following items are available from the showroom:
• Household furniture; Office furniture; Clothing; Books; Sports Equipment; Musical instruments; Garden furniture; Garden equipment; Toys; Any household item.
They also cater in White Goods – including:
• Vacuum Cleaners; Cookers; Washing machines; Fridges; Freezers; DVD players; TVs; Electrical goods
 Additional services include:
• Gardening; Grass cutting; Painting and Decorating; Carpet (or vinyl) fitting; Cleaning
As Project OsKar has become more established, it has expanded to the point that they are now offering services in addition to those that they originally set out to offer.
One service in which they have considerable capacity to expand is property turnaround service. They recently entered into a contract with Renfrewshire Council – they now go into void properties and paint, decorate and carpet the house prior to the new tenant taking over the property.
One critical aspect of this service is rapid turnaround. Often the properties need to be cleaned, decorated, repaired and carpeted within four days – and Project OsKar is meeting that challenge!
For further information on Project OsKar, contact:
Project OsKar
55 Clark Street, Paisley, PA3 1QS

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210