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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a collaboration between the charity SPAEN and Respite Now C.I.C. - offering a range of supports and services to people with 10 or less hours of self-directed support per week.

It covers North, South and East Ayrshire at present and we hope to be able to extend the service to other parts of Scotland in due course.  If you're from Ayrshire and would like to hear more about how we can help you or if you're from another part of Scotland and would like to register an interest in our work with a view to participating in similar projects in your area, please click here.

Peace of Mind can support you to "pool" your support hours to:
  • Employ Personal Assistants using Option 1;
  • Engage a care agency under Option 2;
  • Use Options 1 or 2 along with Option 3 to create a flexible package of support that suits you;
  • Find other people in your area with small hours of support; similar interests and personal outcomes and create natural support networks.

Its services include:
  • Employment law advice and guidance for persons seeking to employ Personal Assistants;
  • Health & Safety advice and guidance for persons seeking to employ Personal Assistants;
  • Payroll & Managed Account services if you're managing your own Direct Payment (Option 1) or Individual Service Fund (Option 2)
  • A range of flexible training courses for PA's and PA employers;
  • Competitively priced Health & Safety and Fire Safety equipment for employers;
  • Support and guidance on conducting Risk Assessments;
  • Pensions solutions for PA employers and their staff.
For further info, contact:
Peace of Mind
Tel: 01290 430323

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210