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The Ally Bally Bee Project
How do you explain dementia to a six year old? The Ally Bally Bee Project’s objective is help to make such difficult conversations a little easier with a personalised children’s book about dementia – which they plan to have ready for Christmas 2016.
Imagine being able to explain “granny’s dementia” to your child with a book that features both of them as the main characters. From names and appearances to certain behavioural traits (after all, dementia affects everyone differently) – they plan to allow for such customisation through an interactive website. Simply create the story online then click to have it delivered to your door!
Dementia can create some very challenging situations for families and it can be difficult to know how much to explain to a child – however, it is important to be honest with them. Children may find it a relief to know a loved one’s strange behaviour is part of an illness and not directed at them.
Once complete, they’ll be offering the world’s first personalised children’s book about dementia. If you’re buying the book for your daughter ‘Emily’, to help her understand ‘uncle John’s’ dementia, then the characters in the book will be Emily and uncle John. They’ll even allow you to customise the behavioural traits because dementia affects everyone differently.
The story for their book is now ready to go through the editing process. They’ve been working with a talented author for several months to get to this stage. Now the text will go through a series of edits – with help from children’s book editors, dementia nurses, carers and families affected by dementia.
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