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The Heartlander
The Heartlander is a new and innovative news magazine produced by Highland Perthshire Media Ltd. It will be the centrepiece of a high-tech media hub designed to inform, engage and involve everyone living in the Highland Perthshire part of Scotland. The magazine operates as a social enterprise - with any profits being re-invested in the magazine.
A free pilot issue of The Heartlander was launched on 9th July 2015 at Birnam Arts Institute, attended by John Swinney MSP whose constituency is the Heartlander's circulation area, and Patrons, Dougie McLean, singer songwriter and manager Jennie McLean. It has been distributed to all 7,500 homes and businesses with the aim of demonstrating its huge potential as a generator of ideas and community involvement. It has been enthusiastically received, with much positive feedback.
The full, paid-for edition of The Heartlander begins appearing monthly at the end of October, and is available in print format for a modest price of £1.25 in local shops and newsagents, and in a digital format for subscribers at just £15 per annum. Highland Perthshire Media Limited (HPM),is the community organisation behind the publishing project. A key part of HPM’s business plan is based on community involvement, with professional standards, achieved with a core of paid staff, supported by a network of volunteers.
HPM took two years to develop the business model now being put in place, and this demonstrates it will be self-supporting within three years. Initial development was supported by the Carnegie Foundation and Co-operatives UK, and it has now received the financial backing of the Ellis Campbell Charitable Foundation, enabling it to establish offices at 23 Atholl Road Pitlochry, and begin publishing.
The Heartlander sees itself as a potential model adoptable in many other parts of Scotland no longer served by a truly local source of news and comment.
Enthusiastic support for The Heartlander has also come from Highland Perthshire Communities Partnership (HPCP), the umbrella body for the area’s ten community councils and its larger voluntary organisations. The initiative is allied to a sister project through which high-speed internet transmitted by radio is being rolled out over the whole of the area, bypassing the current landline system, and further extending the scope of the media hub idea.
For further info, contact:
The Heartlander
23 Atholl Road


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210