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Lingo Flamingo
Lingo Flamingo is a new Social Enterprise providing tailored foreign language workshops to vulnerable adults to help battle against Dementia, brain ageing and other forms of mental illness.
At Lingo Flamingo they offer foreign language workshops to vulnerable adults susceptible to Dementia to help battle against the disease and brain ageing more generally. In addition, they adapt their workshops to the needs of vulnerable citizens across the third sector, to reach those suffering from depression, anxiety and personality disorders
Whatever the target group, the workshops have been tailored to fir their individual needs, with age appropriate teaching strategies taking into account visual, hearing, physical and psychological difficulties. They understand that there may be occasions due to health or family circumstances that their students will not always be able to attend every class. Therefore they have designed inclusive workshops to help maintain motivation for all students and they have the flexibility, structure and resources to teach students in the event of non-attendance.
As part of a wider vision at Lingo Flamingo, international students and refugees will be able to take on the role of instructor to foster cooperation between younger and older members of society. Instructors will be trained to teach a variety of languages and will then deliver these languages to vulnerable adults in the care sector. They will be paid a wage, will gain practical experience and will develop their interpersonal skills.
Speaking a second language can protect against the effects of dementia and with 7.7 million new cases of the disease each year worldwide, Lingo Flamingo can make a vital contribution to the fight against it.
Their workshops improve the communication, cognitive development and inter-personal skills of vulnerable citizens and make learning foreign languages more accessible for adults with disabilities and older citizens. It is a misconception that people later in life cannot learn a new language; their aim is to empower vulnerable citizens to fight against brain ageing.
Furthermore, the intergenerational workshops will help broaden the understanding of foreign cultures for everyone involved. their lessons provide taster sessions of music, film and local cuisine to provide an excellent overview of both aspects of language and culture.
For further info’, contact:
Lingo Flamingo
Orkney Street Enterprise Centre
18 Orkney Street
G51 2BX


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210