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Linthouse Urban Village

Linthouse is an urban community within Greater Govan, a Social Inclusion Partnership area in Glasgow. Linthouse grew up in tandem with shipbuilding and heavy engineering works on the Clyde. Over the years, the decline in Shipbuilding and heavy engineering has brought unemployment, lack of inward investment and social deprivation to the area.

Known locally as LUV, Linthouse Housing Association's Urban Village project is now transforming shop fronts along Govan Road and restoring a sense of pride to the local people reinventing Linthouse as a vibrant, bustling community. 

The initial ideas for the LUV project were developed with the Housing Association Committee and local people alongside Fablevision, a charitable Arts Organisation who specialise in Community Regeneration. With the relocation of the BBC, Channel 4 and others to the Govan area it was realised that there was an opportunity for the area as a whole, to capitalise on this investment

The Luv Vision

Within LUV are a number of projects at various stages of development including

ˇ         Shop Fronts Project

ˇ         Linthouse Urban Village Gallery and Training Facility

ˇ         The Luv Café

ˇ         Creative industries Centre

ˇ         New Social Firm in recycling created for the area

ˇ         Prominent Visual welcome signs

ˇ         Christmas lighting Sculptures

ˇ         Organised annual event

ˇ         Summer Street Decoration

ˇ         Marketing Strategy

ˇ         Market Day

ˇ         Street Furniture

To kick everything off LUV invited local people to an evening at the gallery, and asked which shops they used and what they'd like to see in the area. LUV then recruited a group of artists to work with shopkeepers and local community groups to develop designs for new shop-fronts. Ingrid Campbell the LUV Co-ordinator and an artist herself, said "the idea was to get artists who could work together and be able to get on with the local community to make sure the designs were unique, individual and part of the community culture." 

The aim of the LUV project is to develop and realise the potential of Greater Govan for the people who live or work in, or visit, the area. The ethos is very much about involving local people in the ownership of their community by developing a grass roots cultural planning approach to regeneration. The hope is that this will increase community spirit by providing opportunities for local people to socialise and raise their  aspirations and quality of life, positively rebranding the image of Linthouse.

The is an excellent example of a Housing Association using Wider Action funding for the benefit of the local community.  The end result of this community cultural planning should include increases in the job and training opportunities for local people as well as a beneficial impact on the local economy of the area.

For more information, contact:
Ingrid Campbell
Urban Village Co-ordinator
Linthouse Urban Village
1226 Govan Road
G51 4RA
Tel: 0141 445 5100

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