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The East Ate (TEA) 

Food is a common denominator, a notion inherently known to each human being, irrespective of race, religion or background. At the east ate food is not treated merely as a physiological need - it is a series of sensory experiences combined with emotions and memories, a social event with the power to bring people together and a cultural phenomenon that can be a catalyst for positive change. 
The East Ate understand that one of the major issues facing communities today is food inequality and with that also food poverty. Therefore, their major long-term aims are to support individuals and families in bridging the gap between food poverty and food security, all the way through to food sovereignty as well as building community capacity by the means of food. 
T.E.A. holds food and community at its core. It is a series of projects to change the way they eat, grow and think about food in Bridgeton and surrounding areas. They approach each project with a social and environmental awareness, aiming to create engaging opportunities for local people to re-connect with food and one another. 
TEATIME! is a monthly ‘pay-what-you-feel’ Bridgeton community dinner run in collaboration with Glasgow NE Food-bank to provide access to fresh, local and exciting food in a communal setting. We invite chefs, restaurants and pop-ups to curate menus featuring produce grown locally by volunteers at our East end growing space.
The Café De Luxe Project holds food, community and heritage at its core. It aims, by explor-ing the shared food heritage of Bridgeton and Calton, to create more meaningful connections between members of the two communities. It also aims to create better connections between generations by passing on food skills, knowledge and memories, as well as documenting these to create a collective memory food bank. By looking to the past, the Café De Luxe Project aims to trigger a conversation about the present state of food in the local area and inspire the community to plan for a healthier, more sustainable and more localised future.
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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210