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Leith Community Crops in Pots

Leith Community Crops in Pots (L-CCIP) aims to encourage and support the people and organisations of Leith to grow food, vegetables and flowers for bees, in urban spaces, in order to improve health and well-being, community cohesion and the environment.

Leith Community Crops in Pots was born in a dull grey, barren, entirely concreted yard in the heart of Leith – an underused and unloved spot. 
Its founder, Evie Murray, started L-CCIP to give her children a healthy outdoor experience in the urban environment of Leith. Starting in her backyard, Evie and her children began to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. As Evie shared more about the many environmental, social and educational benefits of growing food in urban areas, she inspired other mothers to join in, she recruited a board and then rolled out her work across Leith. L-CCIP now have several integrated projects.
As well as creating Edible Schoolyards around Leith, Edinburgh Council also appointed L-CCIP to manage a two acre of prominent common land as a community growing space, with and for the locals. They encourage ‘green’ food production, a sharing ethos and the provision of wildlife habitat.  A representative of the Scottish Crofting Federation has visited, and the SCF has stated its support for its urban croft. The Croft is integrated with other projects, and is an event venue.
It’s trading arms – Honeycomb Leith – was set up to raise funds to support its charitable work. It will do this by selling produce, running a market, a plant nursery, a seed bank, a café – the Hingabootery - and outdoor crèche, within, and complementing, the ethical framework of the charity. This framework involves: empowering and enabling people to eat environmentally friendly and healthy food, inspiring community engagement, expansion of healthy recreational opportunities and nature-play, combating inequality and keeping profits for local green initiatives.
Another key element of L-CCIP’s ethos is a focus on heritage and a connection to land and place. Heritage in terms of using and maintaining a stock of heritage seeds for growing. They would also like to promote traditional Scottish activities such as traditional dance and music as part of their social and educational programmes.
This means when our cafe and market is up and running the profits that are generated must involve a good deal for nature, a good deal for suppliers, and a good deal for customers.
L-CCIP is aiming for a genuinely co-operative model, with a high emphasis on nurture, equality and well-being for both staff and customers. By empowering ourselves to sell, produce and manage food production, it will provide a visual example to our community and our children of how to become producers and agents rather than merely consumers.
For further info’, contact:
Leith Community Crops in Pots
46a Suite 2, 
Constitution Street 

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210