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Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour Trust





Local people formed a Harbour Committee in 1995 to begin the work of regeneration.

Much progress was made by the committee in establishing the legal ownership of the Harbour, and a firm basis for plans to make the Harbour 'live' again.


However, studies revealed that major funding, in the shape of millions of pounds would be needed to revitalise the Harbour, and revive the fortunes of Sandhaven and Pitullie.


In 1999 the Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour Trust was started, as a company limited by guarantee, and as a registered charity.


The Trust quickly realised that nothing could be done without ownership of the Harbour and surrounding land. With committed support and hard work from the local community, and grants from Grampian Enterprise and Leader II European Funds the Trust raised 20,000 to buy the Harbour.


Just as planned, in August 2000, Sandhaven Harbour became the property of the Trust.


The Trust, with the cooperation and support of the local community, and skills and knowledge from further afield, has achieved much in its short time of existence.


Although a volunteer organisation, the Trust has professional ideals, and the formation of the Trust has allowed the organisation to become a registered Scottish charity. This has many benefits from a financial point of view. Recently, the Trust registered for VAT, another move which will allow the Trust certain financial advantages.


Fundraising continues apace, with faithful helpers from the committee days continuing to raise much needed cash to allow the Trust to do it's work. A scheme called the 50/50 club raises money on a regular basis, and social events such as dances, and musical evenings help to support the Trust.


Awareness of the project has been raised by issues of "The Harbour News", which have been provided free of charge, as a way of promoting, and informing people about the scheme.



For further information, contact:

J Keith Gregory

Trust Secretary

37 Pitullie, Sandhaven,



AB43 7EU

Tel: 01346 511016



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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210