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Scottish Ecological Design Association

SEDA (The Scottish Ecological Design Association) is part of a global network concerned with exploring the principles of ecological design, promoting best practice principles and the use of benign methods and materials.
It is a non-profit making organisation which relies on subscriptions, donations and covenants, and on sponsorship from grant-giving bodies and commercial companies.
SEDA was founded in June 1991 in order to bring together all those whose work or interest is concerned with design for a sustainable future. It has played a critical role in getting the environment on to the agenda, of Government, Business and into the general consciousness of Scotland.
We are actively seeking more members and sponsors to participate in our programmes and to help fund some of the activities of the Association. The new rise in ecological awareness, health and spiritual consciousness in design can only be sustained if designers acknowledge a new philosophy and practice.
Central to the ethos of SEDA, indeed enshrined in its name, is an understanding of the inter-relationship of the Earth's eco-systems. SEDA recognises that for the human species to survive and thrive, we as individuals and communities must temper the natural environment, beginning with a fundamental requirement for shelter in almost all environments. Meeting these needs has a consequential impact on the natural environment and SEDA recognises that detrimental impacts can only be avoided or at least reduced if there is:
Firstly an understanding of and sympathy with the eco-systems that are likely to be affected and secondly a co-ordinated approach to protecting them – essentially a "design" approach to development / production.
Human history shows us that individuals or communities are able to take a design approach to solving particular problems or achieve certain defined goals. There are however few examples of a wider understanding that the ecological consequences of development must be integral to the final design and implementation. It is this understanding which SEDA is seeking to promote.
SEDA welcomes anyone who wishes to join us, membership costs from £20 for individuals and we met regularly for lively discussion or at specific events and distributed a first class Newsletter.
In addition SEDA is expanding its horizon by fostering the local groups and taking a leaf from Senscot's book, starting a regular email bulletin, we aim to be:
Scotland's foremost advocate for ecological design
Promote ecological design concepts
Engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers
Be a gateway for access to ecological design information and advice
Undertake outreach work in the form of:
  1. competitions and award schemes
  2. provision of curriculum resource material
  3. education and training events
  4. site visits and study tours
  5. publications
and of course be a welcoming home for kindred spirits.
For further information, contact:
ScottishEcological Design Association
P.O. Box 14167
East Lothian, EH33 2YG 
Tel: 01875 614105








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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210