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Redhall Walled Garden

Redhall Walled Garden is a Victorian walled garden on the west side of Edinburgh. Since 1983 the garden has provided a supportive working environment for people living with mental health difficulties. (Many people will suffer from some kind of mental illness during their lifetime (1 in 4 in Scotland) or are in close contact with someone with mental illness.)

Redhall is managed by Scottish Association for Mental Health and funded by Department of Social Work and Lothian Health.

It is increasingly recognised that looking after ones mental health is as important as maintaining good physical health. Redhall encourages people to promote and maintain the link between the two so that people who work here become fitter physically and mentally.

We currently offer 36 places to anyone between the ages of 18 – 65. People are asked to commit to minimum of three working days, but within this hours are flexible and structured around individuals needs and aspirations.

Redhall combines horticulture and personal development work with the following benefits –

  • physical work, social activity and support
  • giving a sense of purpose, confidence and self worth
  • structure and routine
  • chance to learn new skills
  • time and support to readjust and explore new directions
  • skills to help progress into areas of further education or employment
  • the opportunity to talk and be listened to
  • "training for life not just for gardening"

Redhall for many has become a haven. Its beauty and location provide a safe and inspirational environment from which to work. The garden and surrounding 6 acres have always been managed organically; this is fundamental to the way we work. Organic gardening is concerned with the 'whole'; healthy plants cannot grow in isolation from the rest of the garden similarly with people – we all need the opportunity and support to create and maintain a healthy living environment that enables mental and physical well being.

For further information, contact:
Louisa Evans
Redhall Walled Garden
97 Lanark Road
Tel: 0131 443 0946


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210