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Prestoungrange Arts Festival Society

Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes but Gordon, Baron Prestoungrange is perhaps a unique example in Scotland. Having made a successful career in marketing and business education in the Unites States, Gordon decided to reinvest some of his success in the town of his forebears, Prestonpans.


Founding the Prestoungrange Arts Festival Society, Gordon is attempting to link the history of the town with public art in a way that will engage the local community. There are four main themes: the Gothenburg; Murals; pottery; paintings/sculptures, and; the Gothenburg.




Around 30 murals are planned, with three having been completed already adorning public walls in the town. The paintings will tell the history of our town and the neighbouring area. They will include the history of Morrison's Haven, of the Colliery, the Brickworks and Potteries, and of the Brewery. Whenever possible local families involved in that history can expect to see their ancestors included.

Research for authentic detail has been going on for the last three years in association with the Industrial Heritage Museum at the old Prestongrange Colliery. A dozen booklets have been completed and are on sale there. And the History of Prestonpans, published some three years ago by Prestonpans Local History Society, is a vital key source of detail beyond the industrial heritage.




The society are recreating and extending the pottery traditions of Prestoungrange through selected reproductions and a 21st Century collection.


Paintings & Sculptures

When the present and 16th Baron, Dr Gordon Prestoungrange, gained access to the Feudal Barony in 1998 he decided to commission three paintings from Janice McNab, that would seek to capture some essence of life in Prestoungrange over the centuries. The artist was given absolute discretion to visit all the sites and determine what themes she wished to address. She chose the Miners' Bath-house, the famous Prestoungrange ceiling and the foreshore. Limited Edition reproductions have been made both for framing and post card size and these are available from the Industrial Heritage Museum at Prestoungrange Colliery.

The Gothenburg


The Prestoungrange Gothenburg was built in 1908 by the Trustees of the East of Scotland Public House Trust Company, a goal they had had since their establishment in 1901 in Edinburgh. It was to be a public house in the best traditions of the temperance movement. People familiar with the "Goths" will understand that they served their local communities with profits being reinvested in local leisure facilities.

The baron aims to re-open the Goth, with major profits being reinvested in the local arts society.


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210