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Tamfourhill Women's Group Real Nappy Network

Tamfourhill Women's Group (TWG) has secured £2000 from Falkirk Environment Trust in a bid to establish Forth Valley's First Real Nappy Network. The funding will allow the group of 12 women to develop a real nappy library, exhibition boards and a Website to promote the use of real nappies as an alternative to diposables. TWG will be working with Sonia McLay, FOE Forth Valley in a series of workshops to develop this initiative after the summer holidays with future ambitions to establish a nappy laundry service in 2003. This is clearly an example of social enterprise. The network should create jobs as well as helping the environment

The funding will also allow local residents to get involved and learn more about their own environment, as part of the Tamfourhill Environmental Awareness Campaign (TEAC). The group has already held a public meeting June 12th 2002 and secured support from MSP's, SEPA and Keep Scotland Beautiful and others.

The whole idea kicked off in response to a basic need of the group to dispose of their children's' nappies in a responsible manner. Supported by their further interest in doing something about the litter, dog fouling and other environmental issues they have identified in the local area. These feisty women are keen to make Tamfourhill a better place to live in for themselves, their children and the community and have set the ball rolling by writing to MSP's, Councils, Forth Valley Health Board and other interested parties. Donna McKinley- Kerr, Chair of TWG, said, " The main benefit is you don't have to wash the nappies. Part of the service will be that they can be taken away and you are given clean replacement nappies!"

TWG, FOE Forth Valley and Falkirk Council's Brenda Roddy, also met Jane Lewis, Edinburgh Real Nappy Network, on 10th June and learnt that real nappies come in all shapes and sizes. Jane already runs the network and nappy library in Edinburgh and Lothian's and sees a real advantages for her and the environment.

Some facts about nappies


  • 94% of disposable nappy waste ends up in landfill sites



  • Disposable nappies make up 4% of all household waste in the UK



  • The UK produces 800,000 tonnes of nappy waste each year at a cost of £40 m per year.



  • 9,000 000 disposable nappies are thrown away each day



  • 3 billion nappies are thrown away every year in the UK



  • Nappies are estimated to take 200 - 500 years to break down in landfill sites.



  • Real nappies will save you between £400 -£ 1000 compared with disposable nappies.



  • Real nappies are made with natural fibres or cotton and have poppers or Velcro fastener.



  • Real nappies accounted for 9.4% of the total UK market, which is worth an annual £560m.



  • No more safety pins or bulky old terry nappies but new designer nappies that needn't cost the earth and help the environment too!

TWG launched the environmental campaign and nappy network during their Open Day at Tamfourhill Community Centre on 10th August 2002.

For further information, contact:
Sonia McLay


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