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The Loch Arthur Community

At Loch Arthur, we run a 220ha bio-dynamic farm. We have been registered under the Demeter Certification Scheme for over 15 years. Our farm is a mixed enterprise of dairy and beef cattle, sheep, pigs, cereals, field-vegetables and horticulture. At Loch Arthur Community (which encompasses Loch Arthur Farms) we also have the following enterprises and workshops:

  • A Creamery where we produce a range of award-winning farmhouse cheeses, yoghurts and butter.
  • A farm-shop which is attached to the Creamery and sells our dairy products, bread, meat and vegetables as well as crafts from our other workshops and a wide range of local and organic foods.
  • A mail order scheme for our cheese and publish a regular newsletter which we send out to a large circle of local customers - particularly in connection with our regular meat days through which we market our own and other local, organic meat.
  • A Bakery where we produce a range of organic breads, biscuits and cereals. These are sold through our own farm shop and a number of other local shops.
  • A Weavery where we produce a range of woven goods mainly from bought-in yarns but occasionally from our own wool.
  • A Paper Workshop where we produce a range of re-cycled paper products.
  • A Wood Workshop where we restore furniture and make simple wooden items.

Loch Arthur is part of the Camphill Village Trust, a charity which has established Communities incorporating Adults with Learning Difficulties. It is in this context that all the above activities take place.

Loch Arthur Community consists of two adjoining settlements which together form one of the largest and most established organic farms in Scotland. The estate includes a large loch which is enjoyed in many ways, together with a variety of beautiful natural environments: hill, wood, marsh and fields.

Working Life


Care for the land is at the heart of the community although many members are not actively involved. There is a bakery and a weaving workshop which, together with all the usual daily housework, offer a variety of satisfying and valued opportunities for work.

A new purpose-built creamery produces cheese, which is highly thought of and sold widely. A very striking walled garden provides a focus to the horticultural work.


Loch Arthur is situated next to the village of Beeswing, seven miles from Dumfries. There are seven houses on the estate in which about 70 people live. The community has extensive farm buildings, a creamery, workshops and a community hall. Buildings are spread over a large area of the farm.

Social and Cultural Life


A shared way of life at home, in which everyone can feel accepted but also able to develop, is the foundation of life at Loch Arthur. After that, variety is the key, with craft and artistic activities, plays, dancing, film going, an evening at home, meetings and celebrations all making for a full cultural and social life.

Links to the Local Community


Beeswing is near both the coast and the mountains as well as the main town of the region, Dumfries. This is on a good bus route and has excellent facilities for its size. The community has gained a lot of friends and contacts locally, including neighbours, other farmers, customers and colleagues.

The Future


There are bound to be major developments in the years to come. It is hoped that the work on the land will increase and be supported. At the same time, the community will need to grow stronger and become more diverse in itself as it establishes more connections with people in the local area.

For further information, contact:
Peter Darwell or Lara Porter
Loch Arthur Farms Dumfries and Galloway Organic Network
Tel: 01387 760671
Fax: 01387 760671
Beeswing website:
Camphill Village Trust Tel: 01387 - 989740

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210