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Out of the Blue


Out of the blue is an arts based voluntary sector charitable company, with a trading arm.

Out of the blue's over-arching goal is to make the arts more accessible.

Out of the blue activity is of local, national and international significance. We currently operate from a substantial self generated building in the centre of Edinburgh, where we provide space for artists studios, workshops, exhibitions; and The Bongo Club.

Out of the blue's strategic vision is to utilise the appropriate expertise from within out of the blue and partner organisations for arts and social inclusion projects across the country. Out of the blue will also combine local, national and international projects by developing links with similar communities abroad.

Out of the blue functions on creative partnerships between artists, and organisations; for example through the 'arts in South Edinburgh Project' which is a partnership between out of the blue , The South Edinburgh Partnership, local people and the voluntary sector in South Edinburgh.

Media Recognition


The fact that out of the blue is a 'feather in the cap' of Edinburgh's cultural vitality has consistently been recognised by the media;

"As an instance of making the arts more accessible and relevant, of social inclusion, and of building links between different communities,..(out of the blue) could hardly be bettered…"

The Independent 22 August 2000. Sue Wilson-'Great fringe benefits for Whom?'


There is no doubt about the substantial value of the work done by out of the blue in nurturing talent, informing and maintaining an infrastructure of arts and cultural services in the city. In 2003 we are due to relocate by purchasing a building for our studio, project and workshop provision, in Leith and running a club/performance space in a separate city centre venue.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210