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Sighthill Community One Stop Shop

The concept of Sighthill Community One Stop Shop (SCOSS) originated from local people in Sighthill in response to the well-publicised difficulties in Sighthill in the summer of 2001. Those events highlighted for the local community the lack of infrastructure, resources and community facilities and services. They also provided the impetus for local people to work together to make a difference in their community.

At the height of the difficulties an anti-racist, anti-poverty march from Sighthill to George Square was organised by local women in Sighthill to demonstrate the desire of the local community for people from all sections of Sighthill to walk together and work together for a common purpose. Over 2,000 people participated in the march.

The idea was developed, then, for the provision of a "One Stop Shop" for information and advice for all sections of the community in Sighthill - long-standing residents, relatively new re-located residents, asylum seekers and refugees.

It involves the refurbishment of a derelict supermarket and converting it into a community facility.

SCOSS will be about providing access and information for everyone, all day every day. It will be open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. providing a programmed diary of daily events through the advice and information clinics operating from the Shop. Such clinics will include:

Legal advice & specialist immigration advice;

Health, family and baby clinics, including family planning;

National Asylum Support advice;

Careers advice;

Credit Union access;

Social Work contact point;

Food Co-ops.

The Shop will also operate a Café serving Breakfast, Teas & Coffees, Lunches and Dinners. It will provide good quality food at value for money prices, offering opportunities for social and cultural integration through sharing meals and food.

SCOSS are in the process of setting up a catering company called 'Food for Thought'. It is a joint venture between SCOSS and Glasgow Refugee Action Group (GRAG). It will have two remits: to set up and run a fully operational cafe within our refurbished premises. Where else in Britain can you taste food from over forty different nationalities in such a confined geographical area. We also hope to provide home deliveries throughout Glasgow and also provide a catering service for private/corporate/sporting events. It will have an educational remit too. We want people to think about the food they are eating and its origins e.g. an Iraqi meal that was cooked in Sighthill and make people think as to why people flee the place of their birth and how the people of Sighthill have worked with our international brothers and sisters to provide the food that they are eating. All profits from Food for Thought will be 'donated' to SCOSS and GRAG. Hoping to get a 'celebrity' chef on board as an advisor/patron. Have already secured funding to employ a business/catering manager.

It will also provide a place for recreation and socialising through the clubs and activities delivered there. These will include Drama & Dance; Music; Youth Discos; Martial Arts, Language Classes; and an Internet Café offering access to information about programme learning.

SCOSS will be a place for everyone in Sighthill. It will deliver services and activities which currently are not provided for. It will provide additional services which local people will be able to request. It will be that first place in Sighthill where people will go to for help, information and advice and where they will find friendship, support and assistance.

For further information, contact:
Billy Singh
Sighthill Community One Stop Shop
Flat 5/6
6 Fountainwell Square
G21 1RB
Tel: 0141 558 1226
Fax: 0141 557 1302

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210