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Recycling Advisory Group Scotland


RAGS is a national organisation, established in 1993, which co-ordinates the promotion of recycling and associated issues in ScotlandIt is an innovative body committed to the development of a culture of waste management which fully integrates waste reduction, re-use, recycling and education on waste for a sustainable future.

It is made up of a membership of key organisations involved in recycling in Scotland, including local authorities, community recycling groups, private waste management companies and government agencies. It offers networking and formal discussion as a way of exchanging information and best practice so as to assist in the delivery of more sustainable waste management practices.


Our main objectives are: 

  • To act as a forum for the exchange of views and experience
  • To provide expert comment and a research capability
  • To provide an information database on recycling, waste minimisation and associated issues
  • To encourage recovery, processing and markets for recycling.
  • To encourage greater awareness of the environmental impact of waste
  • To network with similar groups and agencies in the UK
  • To encourage a sustainable approach to waste and resources
  • To provide a focus for educational and training needs on waste and associated issues

RAGS organises an annual programme of conferences and seminars which tackle a variety of waste management issues. Topics which have been addressed to date include:


Integrated Waste Management, Producer Responsibility and Packaging, Markets for Recyclable Materials, Waste Minimisation, Potential Job Creation from Increased Recycling, Successful Kerbside Strategies and Public Education. Speakers are invited from a range of key organisations throughout Scotland and the UK.


RAGS also provides an information database and enquiry service as well as publishing the RAGS newsletter which is used as an important vehicle for the dissemination of information and opinion on activities and initiatives in Scotland.


The Recycling Advisory Group Scotland (RAGS) has also established the Community Recycling Network Scotland to provide a one-stop-shop for information and support for community organisations involved in recycling, reuse and waste reduction activities in Scotland.


The CRNS will also provide a voice for the community recyclers, composters and re-users who are delivering local solutions to the waste problem and so bringing economic, social and environmental benefit to the community.

This website provides a contact list for community organisations around the country.


Specific projects we have undertaken include:

  • Production of an educational video and teachers pack for Scottish Primary Schools
  • Development of resources to promote waste engine oil recycling
  • Nationwide press and radio campaigns to promote recycling
  • Promotion of market development forum with UK materials recycling organisations
  • Establishment of an information database
  • Establishment of a Community Recycling Network for Scotland

For further information, contact:
Recycling Advisory Group Scotland
45 Moray Place
Tel: 0131 226 6666
Fax: 0131 220 2263

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210