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SD Enterprise
SD Enterprise has been set up as a business to pay profits into community and environmental projects such as 'Enterprising Energy' a renewable energy start-up social enterprise, key areas  of development are Renewable energy systems (solar heat, wind pumps, air pumps and small wind turbines) and profitable recycling.
SD Enterprise has been set up by Scott Duncan who has been involved in community based work for over 7 years now and aims to use his past small business experience and his community background to establish a more than profit social enterprise in Scotland.

Profits are made from advertising revenue produced on a number of web sites, Internet marketing and recycling of mobile phones donated from individuals, groups and organisations. Other recycling projects have been taken on such as aluminium cans to produce small levels of income for the business start-up.
where to next?
Please donate your old and used mobile phones to the project as well as have a look at the web site as it supports the development of a social enterprise. The main aim is to create a social enterprise model that grows and develops into a long term sustainable organisation with the possibility of becoming a social franchise in the future.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210