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In August 2004 Positive Steps created a social enterprise company, Step Too, which now works alongside Positive Steps in helping people in Scotland to achieve healthy, independent living.

While Positive Steps concentrates on providing specialist housing and living skills support to vulnerable adults, Step Too assists people, many of whom are existing or former service users of Positive Steps, in the next stage of their journey to independence-employment.

As many people who have experienced physical and mental health problems would like to eventually return to the workplace, but lack the confidence and skills to enable them to do so, Step Too has been established as an intermediate stage in their development, allowing them to gain some experience of employment in a supportive environment. In addition to learning practical skills in areas such as maintenance and DIY, people participating in Step Too receive training in workplace issues such as health and safety, benefit from mentoring and guidance, and receive an assessment of how ready they are to undertake conventional employment.

As a trading company rather than a charitable organisation, Step Too presently undertakes work contracts with businesses and voluntary sector organisations in Dundee, giving Step Too ‘workers’ experience of developing their skills in a wide variety of work areas. Current contracts include property maintenance and refurbishment, contract cleaning and gardening, undertaken on behalf of clients such as Dundee Industrial Association and Hillcrest Housing Association.

Ryan Monks, Manager of Step Too in Dundee, is responsible for all aspects of Step Too, including the training and supervision of workers and the cultivation of new contracts. “The response from other organisations has been fantastic. Although we’ve only been established for a short time we’ve been able to get a good number of contracts, and our employees really get a boost from being trusted to undertake the work. I’m pleased the clients so far are happy with the services we’ve been providing and we hope to take on more work and get more people involved in Step Too over the coming months. ”

Step Too has also recently been assisting with the refurbishment of Positive Steps flats in Glasgow. Following this, and the overall success of Step too in Dundee, a Step Too manager will soon be appointed to lead the development of Step Too in Glasgow.

For further info', contact:

Ryan Monks
Step Too Ltd
Tel: 01382 202463

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210