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Scottish Wholefood Collective Warehouse


The Scottish Wholefood Collective Warehouse, trading as GreenCity Wholefoods workers' co-operative, aims to create a non-exploitative workplace which takes into consideration the interests of the workers, the community and the environment as a whole.


We aim to maintain policies which do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or age and a management structure no based on hierarchy, allowing all members equal access to the decision making procedure.


It is therefore important to us that the sharing of skills and the rotation of jobs is encouraged and that our wage structure regards all contributions as equal.


We like to encourage local producers and are committed to buying ORGANIC produce where possible. Our policy is to promote better alternatives in terms of health and diet also through the food chain i.e. foods committed to getting a fair deal for the people who produce the food we sell and has a policy of boycotting goods from these countries whose people have requested such international action.


We support all peaceful action against the exploitation of animals and do not sell any products tested on animals; ALL goods are suitable for vegetarians.


By example and by positive action we hope to encourage a community awareness of both wholefoods and co-operatives, maintaining contracts with and seeking to develop like-minded business and organisations. We support industrial democracy and some of our co-op members are also members of a trade union.


We would like to see the general principles of co-operation and non-violence applied to society at large.






The 'Scottish Wholefood Collective Warehouse' Limited, Trading as GreenCity, was set up in 1978 in answer to the need for a warehousing co-operative to supply existing wholefood outlets such as 'Grassroots' in Glasgow, 'Ambrosia' in Aberdeen and 'Brambles' in Inverness. Four founder members started the co-op but this soon grew to eight workers, meanwhile deliveries expanded from eight to over fifty outlets.


Manufacturing of some products began, such as milled flour and muesli, the latter of which continues today and is one of our most popular products.


The work force continued to expand reaching twelve members by 1980, meeting the demands of customers which by then had increased to over two hundred throughout Scotland and Northern England. Over the years GreenCity experienced difficulties but continued to grow, expanding up to twenty five members and increasing it's turnover to 2.25 million.


Due to the rise in popularity of wholefoods in recent years, GreenCity on its own has been unable to meet demand and now works closely in connection with Highland Wholefoods and Juniper Fine Foods which respectively supply the Highlands and Islands, the Borders and Northern Ireland.


How we operate as a co-operative :


Our decision making process is democratic and therefore run by consensus. We have a management team. This team consists of a General Manager (elected by all members), and a support team made up from Sales, Warehouse, Personnel and Manufacturing.


GreenCity is divided into groups that deal with specific parts of the business. Each are inter-related and therefore communication has to be maintained to a high standard at all times.


The management team meets on a regular basis which helps to ensure the smooth running and development of the Co-operative. When needed, there is also a General Meeting where all the members are present. This deals with issues concerning the Co-operative as a whole and also gives everyone the opportunity to express their views on issues that interest them.


Quarterly and Annual general meeting take place at the appropriate times.


Full Members' meetings, where only full members are present, take place when necessary.


Each full member is entitled to call one when they feel there is a need. Such meetings discuss employing new people, acceptance of probationary members to full membership and policy decisions about finance and resources.


For further information, contact:
GreenCity Wholefoods
23, Fleming St,
G31 1PQ
Tel: (0141) 554 - 7633
Fax: (0141) 556 - 5589

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210