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TRASH aims to promote innovative music making activities for young people and adults, including those with special needs, excluded or hard to engage, by creating percussive music using large plastic barrels, tuned plastic pipe bat-phones, scaffolding metal-phones, wheel-cones and scrap-wood xylophones. TRASH works with individuals in a group band context and also with groups in: nursery, school, youth, and special needs/integration settings

TRASH developed out of the work a Scottish Borders charity called Junior Acoustic Music (JAM) was doing from 1991. During the first few years JAM tried to overcome problems with rhythm in instrumental teaching by group work, bringing in samba and steel band specialists. By autumn '93 Bill Muir, one of the founders of JAM, had come up with the concept of, and the name of TRASH.

TRASH specialise in music and art projects/workshops/performances. Based in the Borders since 1994 they do travel a fair bit over most of Scotland and Northern England, Europe and on one memorable occasion Israel .

Although working with the young we do work with the widest possible age and ability levels. We have created integrated projects (our foreign trips have all been of this type). Activities can stretch from the simplest taster session with drums only, to complex performances with all the instruments. In addition art/craftwork and elements from drama and dance can be included (we often work with specialists from these fields).

We currently have two Borders based performance groups. TRASH'd, our youth/young adult group act as our ambassadors creating eye-catching performances suitable for festivals everywhere.

As well as performing at festivals, workshops can be put on for members of the public to join in. Large-scale workshop activities can run throughout the event (up to 30 participants at a time). TRASH"ll is our integrated group, so far restricted to local events, but we have hopes of travelling further afield.

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Trash Music

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210