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Spruce Carpet Tiles



Based in Govan Glasgow, Spruce Carpet Tiles was launched in March 06. Spruce Carpet Tiles, a social Enterprise, refurbishes carpet tiles, and then sells them to voluntary sector organizations, small businesses, and schools.


Spruce Carpet Tiles is the first of it's kind in Scotland with no other organisations present who supply refurbished carpet tile.


Not only is the customer helping the environment when they purchase Spruce Carpet Tiles, but indirectly they are helping the people in Govan and surrounding area.

Each year Spruce Carpet Tiles lift up to 8 disadvantaged young people out of poverty permanently by equipping them with the skills, contacts and motivation to enter into sustained self-employment in either contract carpet fitting or contract carpet cleaning.


Spruce Carpet Tiles supply high quality refurbished carpet tiles to our customers, and we also provide a fitting service.


Our carpet tiles are sold well below the current industry average price and it is not uncommon at times for this to be as much as 50% cheaper.


Furthermore, the fitting service that we provide to our customers is very competitive. So when you buy from Spruce Carpet Tiles, not only are you receiving good quality refurbished carpet tiles at low cost, but at the same time you are helping the environment by buying a recycled product.


If you're interested in seeing how much Spruce Carpet Tiles could save your organisation, then please contact a member of the Spruce Carpet Tiles team who will be able to provide you with a complete and accurate quote with no obligation.


For further info`, contact:


Gary Nelson

Business Manager

Spruce Carpet Tiles CIC

308 Broomloan Road



G51 2JQ


Tel: 0141 445 5420

Fax: 0141 425 1559




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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210