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One Plus

*Ceased trading Jan 2007*

One Plus is an innovative, Scottish organisation with twenty five years experience of working in partnership offering new opportunities to Lone Parents and other families.

One Plus is a key participant in Scotland's social economy sector, creating employment, training opportunities and services. With an annual income of over £11m and employing over 800 people One Plus delivers vital services that help support the government's agenda around child poverty, Welfare to Work and sustainable communities.

One Plus has over 25 corporate customers, 40 plus streams of funding, 104 individual projects and over 10,000 end-users who are both paying and non-paying. Lone parent and service user involvement is central to the organisation's effectiveness. An elected board, the majority of whom are lone parents, oversees One Plus.

A range of issues create obstacles to those wanting to move on: the lack of affordable, flexible, quality childcare; the benefits trap; barriers to training and education; low paid, temporary and inflexible employment; poor housing; isolation; low self confidence and ill health.

The One Plus model demonstrates that providing a continuum of support, and training creates pathways to sustainable employment. "The Training and Employment Continuum" joins up group-based personal development ,confidence building, vocational training and employment with access to specialist advice, and support and is based on a human capital model rather than work-first.

A range of Home and Centre-based Services integrated into the model provide added value to the local communities where One Plus operates.

A key element of the holistic approach is the provision of a range of support mechanisms including group support, travel & childcare costs, mentoring & aftercare. The aim is to maximise lone parents' incomes as well as enabling a balance between work and family commitments. The One Plus approach is "family-focused" and the needs of children are central to the success of the model. This support enables participants to navigate the transitions in their life as they move from initial contact with One Plus to involvement in personal development courses/vocational training and into employment.

One Plus has continued to expand its role as a major employer in the West of Scotland, employing around 858 full, part-time and sessional staff . Staff are from a variety of backgrounds – social work, community work, the health service, training, childcare, teaching, further education, human resource management, community business and the private sector.

For further info, contact:

One Plus

55 Renfrew Street


G2 3BD

Tel: 0141-333-1450



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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210