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Natural Way Burial

Natural Way Burial is a community organisation and a social enterprise.  We welcome and encourage every individual and organisation who supports our aims and approach to become a member, or to get involved or support us in whatever way feels right, to help us achieve our aims or to shape our organisation.  Some suggestions are below, and we are always open to others

NATURAL WAY BURIAL is  a membership based not for profit organisation which:

promotes ecologically friendly, affordable, personalised funerals
encourages the creation of natural burial sites in Scotland
disseminates information about the 'green' burial movement including people and planet-friendly resources
celebrates our place in the cycle of life

Natural Way Burial is a not for profit membership based organisation set up to encourage the creation of natural burial sites and to act as a source of information and education about ecologically friendly funerals and resources, primarily within Scotland and Scots Law.

Amongst its founders and management committee are those who have been closely involved with ecologically-friendly natural burials with a tree as the memorial marker.  These funeral ceremonies were both with and without a religious celebrant, with and without a funeral director and included the burial of coffins and the scattering of ashes.  The time of interment was a very personal and connecting ceremony which was both moving and meaningful.  Others experienced alienation or emptiness following a ceremony which seemed to have little to do with the deceased or the people gathered together in mourning or celebration; and yet others in the group simply want to be able to be more involved in more personal ceremonies, or to have a final resting place in harmony with nature.

At the heart of Natural Way Burial is the aim to see established and to promote more eco-friendly, low-cost options for everyone, of all faiths or beliefs or none, who does not wish to use the conventional, increasingly unsustainable and sometimes emotionally distancing alternatives.  We encourage increases in the number and range of natural burial grounds and work to promote greater awareness of this holistic option.  We are working to create our own woodland nature reserve burial ground in the Scottish Borders and are open to opportunities elsewhere either to buy, lease or to operate in partnership with others.

Natural Way Burial seeks to increase the availability of affordable and dignified funeral choices which are ecologically sound and financially accessible to all who want them.

We are a young organisation, gradually developing our ability to become self-sufficient through trading as a social enterprise.  In time we aim to become a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  We have obtained grants which have helped in our set up stages and our membership are a crucial source of funds and encouragement for us.

For Further info`, contact

Heather Johnson
Natural Way Burial
South Cottage



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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210