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Stewartry Care

Stewartry Care was set up in 1993 to provide an alternative to long-term residential care for elderly and/or disabled people with care needs. The founder, Jane Young, believed that quality and length of life was substantially increased when people were able to remain in their own home.

It has experienced rapid and sustained growth, now employing over 150 people who look after more than 500 clients across Dumfries & Galloway. In November 2004, the founder achieved her long-term goal for protecting the independence of the company by converting to employee-ownership, with the help of the Baxi Partnership. This decision was supported by 97% of employees in a ballot. Employee-ownership means that Stewartry Care will always remain a locally-owned, locally-managed company, run for the benefit of local people.
We believe that employee ownership is good for everyone involved in the company.

Our employees benefit from:
• being issued with free shares in Stewartry Care and being able to invest in their own company
• having the opportunity to stand for election as a Director or Trustee of the company
• being as informed as they wish to be about Stewartry Care’s performance
• the reassurance that the company is protected from being sold
• being empowered as owners of their own company
Our clients benefit from:
• having a highly motivated team who have responsibility for their company
• knowing that their care team are empowered, and enjoy the full benefits of owning their own company
• the reassurance that the company will remain locally owned and run for the benefit of local people

The change has been highly beneficial for all aspects of the business. Turnover increased by 16% in the first year and profitability by 39%. Flexible working, extensive training and the highest pay rates in the region make us a company that the best people want to work for. Employee ownership is increasing staff retention; they enjoy working in a situation where they have real influence.
The co-operative approach has enabled us to provide a quality personal service that is driven by a happy, positive, motivated and highly skilled workforce, who are focused on excellent client care.

For further info', contact:

Stewartry Care
92 King Street
Castle Douglas
Dumfries & Galloway
DG7 1AD  
Tel   01556 504699

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210