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The Saffron Cafe is a young enterprise franchise that is run by young people.

Its aim is to help schools in the UK set up fund-raising cafes in staff rooms to help raise money for their link schools. This project was pioneered in James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh and has been highly successful and continues to run on a daily basis. The new aspect of the idea is franchising out to other schools for a nominal starting fee which provides access to all the necessary services and resources needed to start a Saffron Cafe to start raising funds for your link/twin school.

The cafe is now opening its second outlet in Edinburgh and is using these premises as a training centre for barista excellence. 

The Saffron Cafe is now ready to take the next step in its development. As of last week the cafe made an agreement with an Edinburgh based sports club to open a second outlet that will serve the club and act as a training centre for the cafe and new franchised outlets. The club is the world renowned Edinburgh Judo Club. It is only with their kind support that this opportunity has been made possible. The outlet will be run by lasts years manager of the cafe, James Hamilton which will give the new outlet invaluable experience to grow from.

The Saffron Cafe is currently in discussion with Cafedirect, the fairtrade coffee company, to discuss possible links in the future that might help our outlets. This could bring us a reliable source of quality, ethical coffee for Saffron Cafes around the UK.

Gaggia UK Ltd, the world-renowned coffee machine maker with a history of quality and reliability, has also stated that it would like to help the project. A meeting with the representative from the company has taken place and was extremely successful. There is a possibility of unparalleled training and an excellent source of quality coffee machines for new and existing outlets. The JGHS outlet is currently piloting the offers available from Gaggia UK and preliminary feedback is proving very positive!

The project is now working on opening its second outlet. If all goes well, a second outlet may open in Castlebrae Community High School, Edinburgh. This school is in many respects a polar opposite to our flagship project, and will put our concept to the test. Any work the Saffron Cafe does with this school can only help to strengthen our project.

If you are a pupil, a teacher, a head teacher, a parent, a local authority representative or a member of parliament and want your area or your or local school to benefit from a Saffron Cafe then it would like you to get in touch. It couldn't be easier to get involved.

The Saffron Café has all the necessary knowledge, resource and equipment to get a cafe going in next to no time. If you don't think you're totally sure yet please get in contact with the head office and it will be happy to arrange a visit to one of its cafes to see what you can do, or alternatively Saffron Café can come to you and give you guidance on what it thinks would be possible at your location.

For further info', contact;

Edinburgh office
Saffron Cafe
10 Bruntsfield Crescent
EH10 4EZ

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210