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Shettleston Community Enterprises Limited (SCE) was established on 16th December 2004 as a private company (No. 277511), limited by share, and commenced trading in April 2005 under the style of UPKEEP. Although the firm has a clear trading function and aims to generate a trading surplus after its third year of operation, as a non-profit distributing business, all surplus income is reinvested in order to facilitate future expansion and diversification. The Board of Directors oversee the development and management of the social firm and the staff team is directly responsible to the board.


UPKEEP currently undertakes six key areas of work under a commercial service contract negotiated with Shettleston Housing Association Limited (SHA).


1. Environmental Maintenance

Providing a general environmental maintenance service to selected tenement backcourts, gardens and common areas including:
litter picking; tidying up bin shelters; bulk uplift 'pull-out' service.


2. Close Cleaning

Providing a weekly close cleaning service to around 105 tenement closes.


3. Window Cleaning

Providing a monthly window cleaning service to approximately 50 tenants.


4. Void Clearance

Undertaking the initial clearing out of properties, (furniture, household goods etc.), that have been left in an unlettable condition.


5. Void Cleaning
Cleaning up the void properties to facilitate re-letting, (hygiene cleaning, valeting).

6. Graffiti Removal

Either removing or painting over graffiti on SHA property throughout the Shettleston area.


7. Handy Person Service

Undertaking practical small basic tasks for the elderly like changing light bulbs, hanging curtains, moving heavy furniture around etc.


8. Minor works

Undertaking small semi - professional jobs which do not require the full services of a professional tradesman i.e. fencing, painting, decorating, wallpapering, shelving, tiling, plastering etc.


9. Recycling Services


They are now developing some recycling services confidential waste, commercial waste paper, aluminium cans, second hand furniture, household goods etc


Various other areas of work have been identified into which the firm could expand and diversify, including: landscape maintenance and grass-cutting.

It is also anticipated that further contract work will be sought from other Glasgow East End social landlords, business organisations and commercial companies.


UPKEEP is the trading name of Shettleston Community Enterprises Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Shettleston Housing Association Limited (SHA), a registered social landlord operating in the East End of Glasgow.

SHA has over 1,600 flats and houses for rent or shared ownership with a further 600 factored properties.
is also the local housing organisation for 900 former Glasgow City Council properties and is working towards taking ownership of these through second stage stock transfer from the Glasgow Housing Association.


For further info`, contact;


Victor Willis


Community Business Manager

Shettleston Community Enterprises Limited
24 Fenella Street

Tel: 0141 764 3793

Fax: 0141 764 3743




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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210