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Set in motion

This week's bulletin profiles a new Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Edinburgh. Set in Motion launched by founders Simon Gall and Sean Barry. Between them Simon and Sean have over 25 years experience working with young people, parents and carers from a wide range of backgrounds. As experienced and practiced group facilitators they have been instrumental in establishing and delivering programmes of personal and social development for groups such as:

• 'out of school' under 16 year olds
• Restorative programmes, challenging offending behaviour 
• Supportive Family Groups, fostering family self esteem 

Through their challenging, experiential learning programmes Set in Motion offers young people, families and groups the opportunity to explore their values, beliefs and behaviour, supporting sustainable change which enables participants to better understand themselves and their role within the local community. Programmes are delivered during twilight hours and at weekends making them assessable to young people and families.

Set in Motion have a range of programmes customised to enhance personal and social skills of particular groups;

Young People: tailored mentoring programmes support young people experiencing challenges on a personal level, within the home, school or the local community. The company's mentors work closely with referral agents to identify key issues and challenges and use solution focused approaches and cognitive behavioural techniques to effect real change. 

Families: supportive family programmes are designed to work collaboratively with children, parents, carers and supporting agencies.

Set in Motion programmes aim to provide and support practical, solution focused approaches to conflict resolution, in turn promoting and developing personal and family self esteem.

Groups: Set in Motion are experienced and practiced in working with a wide range of different groups, designing and delivering engaging and creative activities which are facilitated to support change

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210