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The Whiteinch Centre


Whiteinch Centre is a community facility owned by the local community and operated through the Whiteinch Community Association (WCA). Membership of WCA is open to all local residents of Whiteinch. WCA sets the strategy for the building with the assistance of Centre staff.

Local people raised funds to build a new centre on the site of the old Neighbourhood Centre, which was in a poor state of repair. In addition to raising the £1 million to build it, local people worked with the architects to decide on building layout. They chose all equipment and furnishings, and were closely involved with the recruitment of staff employed by Whiteinch Centre Ltd.

The Centre runs as a social enterprise, generating around 50% of core costs through revenue income for facilities. They are currently trying to achieve longer-term sustainability by bringing in further income to cover core and project costs, so that they can build on the services they offer.

The Centre is accessed by over 700 people each year, coming from local neighbourhoods from Partick to Drumchapel. Over 40 local groups offer a range of services including learning, addictions support, early years health, mental health, sports, and the arts.

The Centre has a community café, Teapots, run by local Theresa Arneil. Teapots offers catering on request for any events within the building, and also caters for external events.

Whiteinch Centre offers a friendly, relaxed environment where local people can meet and access a range of services and activities. The Centre is a resource for the whole community and we aim to respond directly to the needs identified by local people themselves.

For further information, contact:


Sarah Ward

Tel: 0141 950 4434 



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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210