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Youth Coach Scotland

Youth Coach Scotland brings specialised experience of working one-to-one and in a different way with young people, reaping rewards for the individual, their school, their community and their family and in the longer term leading to good economics, social mobility and quality of life.

Scotland's Young People

Scotland’s young people are an asset and key to the nation’s future they will be the entrepreneurs, the explorers, the social campaigners, the inventors the artists, the carers and the parents in the years ahead.
That they are self-assured, confident, resilient, ready and able to contribute in positive ways is not just desirable – it is vital. Helping each of our young people to realise and make the most of their strengths is surely the best investment we in Scotland can make.
We can help engage the disengaged, help them find new purpose and confidence, discover their hidden qualities and learn to apply their own unique skills and assets to their goals.

What they do

Youth Coach Scotland brings together experts who have garnered specialist skills and approaches to help individual young people achieve well beyond their self-limiting expectations. It focuses on the individual as having his or her own unique potential - helping them to make progressive choices throughout the process. At its best an individual emerges transformed and ready to take on the world.

They provide:

Tailored coaching programmes for young people from all backgrounds and circumstances, helping them to make the transition to adult life; or to take the next step in their journey or learning or development; or to prepare for change

Development support for organisations wishing to develop a coaching approach with young people

Training for youth coaches, bringing a unique blend of skills and specialist experience in coaching, group work and youth personal and social development.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210